Nala is CH BPIG Glicks Midsummer Night Nala CD RA CGN THD VCX CHIC #77829 
Bellefleet Glicks Sarsaparilla CD RE CGN HIC VC  x  Apiele Bronzini TP, DOB June 4 2009 (retired from breeding).
She is 22.5″ at the shoulder and 46 pounds. Nala was my first homebred Champion and she is the dam to three Canadian Champions: CKC & U H Glicks Midsummer Breeze ADC SJDC URO1 THD CHIC, CH Glicks Midsummer Daydream HIC CHIC (Guinness), and CKC & U CH BPIG Glicks Speranze Primavera CD CGN NC AC PTA CHIC Enzo), UKC CH Glicks Vigore Primavera (Breeze, Guinness, Enzo & Vigo, CKC pointed).  She is a devoted companion and unbelievably intuitive and kind. She also loves agility. She is a reading therapy dog & visited at the West Island Palliative Care center in Pointe Claire for 8 years. She worked weekly at the Angelman Centre run by WIAH before the pandemic of 2020. She has worked with Therapeutic Paws of Canada (when they were in Quebec), Blue Ribbon Therapy Dogs, Escuade Caline, and Caring Paws Animal Therapy 

MANGO photo by Robert Ferron

Mango is CH OTCH BPIG Glicks Midwinter Magic CD CDX RN CGN HIC VC HITs CHIC #88581 
Bellfleet Glicks
Sarsaparilla  CD RE CGN VC  x  TCH CH Pannovias Chasing Hearts CD RA CGN HIC VCX CHIC, DOB January 28 2010 (retired from breeding).
She is 23.5″ at the shoulder & 44 pounds. Holding black. Mango was my second homebred Champion & 
is retired to a life of leisure. She is really, really smart & agile, beauty personified. A relentless worker, she will do anything you ask with style. Mango loves agility and is a child certified reading therapy dog & visited for several years at the West Island Palliative Care center in Pointe Claire. Mango is the dam of Ch Glicks Spellbound. Mango is retired from breeding. Mango earned her CD with Cathie Newey with 6 HIC and one HIT and a CDX with another two HICs and another HIT!

BREEZE photo by C. Lunney

Breeze is CKC & U CH Glicks Midsummer Breeze CGN RN AGN AGNJ AADC AGDC SGDC URO1 HIC HIT THD VCX CHIC#94549   Ch Glicks Midsummer Night Nala CD RA CGN THD VCX CHIC x TCH CH Pannovias Chasing Hearts CD RA CGN HIC VCX CHIC, DOB August 4 2011 (retired from breeding).

She is 21″ & 36 pounds. Holding black. Breeze is Nala’s daughter and Sass’s grand-daughter.  She lives with her main mom and Agility & Rally-O handler Carolyn in Kirkland, Quebec. Breeze works with Escuade Caline/ YUL Pet Squad at the Montreal Pierre Elliot Trudeau Airport. She also passed her Therapy Dog evaluation. She has had three litters and she was a superb mom now retired. She is very biddable and snuggly, just as happy to hang out on the couch with you as to play at agility. Congratulations to Breeze & Carolyn on achieving the Rally Novice title with 2 High in Class and a HIT! 


Rebel  is CH Glicks Rebel Rebel CGN  CHIC #131661 DOB  January 24, 2016 (retired from breeding).
Ch Glicks Midsummer Night Nala CD RA CGN THD VCX TP x Mithril Colonel at Cantope RN CGN 23.5″ &  39 pounds 

Betterbred profile. Rebel is an elegant cafe-au-lait much like her wonderful grandma Sass Rebel is the resident princess and Ms Bossy Pants at the home of co-owner Marcia Fergie Simpkin of Simpkins Standards and ModDogues Groom Shop who handled Rebel in her debut to TWO x Best Novice Puppy In Show!!!)  Rebel finished her Championship with 2 group 3 placements and one group 2 placement. Rebel has had two litters, gifting us with Chloe and Daphne, who train and live with Marcia. Rebel is certified with Imagine Therapy Dogs.


Daphne is Glicks Simpkin River Nymph CGN Ch Glicks Rebel Rebel CGN X U CH Glicks Opus’s Get Ready HIC, DOB December 27 2020

Daphne is co-owned with Marcia Fergie Simpkin of Simpkins Standards & ModDogues Groom Shop. 

CHLOE photo by M. Fergie-Simpkin

Chloe is Glicks Simpkin Blue Heaven CGN  Ch Glicks Rebel Rebel  X APAWs A Hero of Many Tales, DOB October 17 2019

Chloe is co-owned with Marcia Fergie Simpkin of Simpkins Standards & ModDogues Groom Shop. She is blue. Excelling in agility and rally obedience training. 


Ella is CH MPIG Glicks Spellbound CHIC# 126734 Can Ch BPIG Glicks Midwinter Magic CDX RN CGN HIC VCX HITs (CHIC)  x  Am Gr Ch Saphire’s Rarin’ to Go, DOB July 3 2013; 21″ & 33 pounds. Holding black. Betterbred profile (retired from breeding).

Mangos daughter, Sass’s grand-daughter, Kismet’s mom and Tuuli’s granddam.  Ella is a natural retriever and must greet you at the door holding something in her mouth (usually a shoe!). She is snuggly, happy and sweet natured. She was an awesome mom, very attentive, who kept her babies pristine and well-fed. Ella  lives in Ottawa with her main mom-guardian Susan.

KISMET photo by S. Lessard-Rowe

Kismet is CH Glicks Destiny’s Child CHIC # 135051 
CAN Ch MBPIG Glicks Spellbound x  UKC Ch Gaston De Grenier, DOB July 25, 2016;  22”  & 37 pounds. Betterbred profile (retired from breeding).

Ella’s daughter, Mango’s grand-daughter, Sass’s great-grand-daughter. Kismet is blue and is Tuuli’s mom. Thank you to Sarah Drake for the lovely grooming and handling to bring her to her championship in the difficult English Saddle Trim with some very nice majors. Kismet has some Russian lineage. We kept her for the great diversity that her sire and dam provided. Her COI is 0.4 % over 10 generations. Kismet is an awesome obedience prospect and lives with Guardian mom Sonia and family in Ottawa.


Windy is Glicks Adjust Your Sails OFFA 
U & CKC CH URO1 Glicks Midsummer Breeze RN AGN AGJN AADC SJDC HIC HIT THD VCX CHIC x Syquefine Roarin’ Red Remington CHIC, DOB April 13 2017 23” & 39 pounds. Betterbred profile. 4th generation at Glicks Standard Poodles Regd. Windy is Nala’s grand-daughter and Sass’s great-grand-daughter. Windy is mom to Curry and Lychee. Windy is certified with Imagine Therapy Dogs. Training in Rally obedience.

Lychee AKA Ch Glicks Sunshine of Your Love

Lychee is Ch. Glicks Sunshine of Your Love Glicks Adjust Your Sails THD x Gaspard Omne Trinum Perfectum (Polish import) DOB August 31 2021. Betterbred profile. Lychee is the  5th generation here at Glicks Standard Poodles Regd. She is our first apricot coloured girl and aside from being bright and beautiful she has the sweetest disposition, always wagging, and very kind. Future Therapy Dog! Her VGL proves her great diversity so we hope she will be a great asset to the breed. Thank you to Emily Burdon for handling her to her Championship.


Tuuli is Glicks Poetry in Motion Ch Glicks Destiny’s Child CHIC  X  U Ch Glicks Vigore Primavera CHIC, DOB May 28 2021

Tuuli lives in a guardian home where she is the best girl. She loves to retrieve, unzip dad Terry’s hoodies. and keep squirrels away. She is learning how to be an obedience dog with Susan Garret’s on-line classes taken by mistress Patricia. Robert Ferron who owns her dad Vigo did her grooming! Can’t wait to see what this blue girl has in store for us.

Rumour is Glicks Hot Topic U Ch URO1 CA Opus’s Glicks Some Like it Hot RN CGN HIC THD VCX CHIC X U CH Glicks Vigore Primavera CHIC, DOB April 22 2021

Rumour is a fun-loving girl who lives with guardian owner Maude. They are training in obedience and most likely agility. Rumour has a sense of mischief and a slight obstinate streak she may have (ahem) inherited from her mom, as dad Vigo is a mush. Exciting times ahead from this great mover and bright light.


Midori is Glicks Green Mountain Water Sprite U Ch URO1 CA Opus’s Glicks Some Like it Hot RN CGN HIC THD VCX CHIC X U CH Glicks Vigore Primavera CHIC, DOB April 22 2021

Midori is co-owned with Jacki Magoon (Chimera Poodles) of Vermont. Midori is training to be a blood scent dog and hunting companion. Midori definitely lives up to her name, as she likes to splash around in the water. She is very personable and attached to her big dog sister Lishi.

“Sass” was Bellefleet Glicks Sarsaparilla CD RE CGN HIC THD VCX  DOB August  27 2004. DOD  October 23 2020 at 16 years 3 months old. Forever remembered with love.
She was 21 inches at the shoulder & 41  pounds, and her colour is referred to as cafe-au-lait. Sass loved training and so though she officially retired, we still played by sometimes doing little rally or obedience routines and she still was an active therapy dog up until 14 years old. I am ever grateful to Joanne Reichertz DVM for my foundation girl. Pictured in the title photo here.